“One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago, your body couldn’t do what it just did”

Well here we are exactly 1 month into my running redux.  It has been a month of good runs, boring runs, gritty runs, and commitments kept.  I have skipped exactly one run, and that was when a tropical storm tried to form right on top of our little town.  It was raining sideways and upside down with lightning in the mix, so I will give myself grace on that one. The consolation bacon breakfast was delicious that morning!

As of today, I have completed 65.1 miles in 30 days. I can now run a solid 3 miles without stopping, and my longest run to date was the 6 miles that I ran just this morning.  I ran the first 3 really well and in good time.  I ran the second half a bit slower, and with a few run/walk sessions built in…but…I. Ran. Six. Miles. Happy dance:)!  My breathing has evened out, my caboose has started to jiggle less ( thank you Lord), and I have started to feel stronger. Hallelujah:)!

Now don’t get me wrong…it has by no means become easy.  That would be false advertising.  No, it is still a fight to get out there and run each time, and just two days ago I had a horrible time on a short 3 mile run…some days neither the body or mind are willing…but I do it anyway…and that is how I get stronger.  Slowly, day by day, step by step, sweaty mile by sweaty mile. No, it’s not easy…but it has become easier.

I absolutely love the title quote:”One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago, your body couldn’t do what it just did”.  I saw it online the other day and just latched on to it.  It is so true, and not just for your body…you could substitute mind, heart, spirit, attitude…right in there and still be just as accurate.  We are, as human beings so very malleable.  If we focus ourselves on just about anything…be it an intellectual, physical, or spiritual task…truly focus…rinse and repeat faithfully for a period of time…we will improve, get stronger, become better.  They say practice makes perfect, but I prefer practice makes better.

I ran 6 miles today. Two weeks ago, I could not. Happy dance indeed!

So here we are a month into training.  So far…tropical tantrums not withstanding, I am right on track.  I am not much faster yet, but I am stronger.  I am breathing better, standing straighter, running better, than I did a month ago…and that is a good place to be.