Running in the rain redux

Today it was dark, rainy, a lovely day to stay under the covers and hide out.  Not such a great running day…or so I thought.  Super-Husband stepped up and decided to run with me…in the rain.  Now there was no backing out.  My rep was on the line.  I couldn’t be the wimpy whiny one and back out.

So on with my hat ( did I mention how VERY much I love my hat when it is raining?), and out the door we went.  I’d ran a fairly fast 3 miles the day before so my legs were NOT happy.  As per usual, I told my legs to suck it up, and pointed my body into the breach and off on a 5 mile run. In the rain.  With no music. With my Super-Husband.

Super-Husband has started to run just this past year.  He’s been amazingly supportive of my crazy runner stuff and its been really fun to watch him become a runner day after day, run after run.  He’s becoming stronger and getting faster.  Every once in a while I’ll catch that a grin on his face after a good run…one where he’s pushed the pedal down and found he has more gas to burn. I remember that feeling…still get it from time to time, and its so much fun to see in someone else.  I appreciate how far he’s come because I truly know how hard it is.  And when I come home from a bad run, or a good one, its so nice to be able to talk to someone who’s been there and understands.  Because of our schedules however, we don’t often run at the same time.

I say all of this as a preface to our run today, because up until very recently I have been a SOLO runner.  Some people run as a social thing.  They have a running buddy that they run with and love the companionship, etc.  I get it, but that just isn’t me.  I run as a solo event.  Just me, my hulk self, and the road.  Period. I am not a social creature by nature.

Today, in the rain, it felt like Super-Husband and I were the only people on the planet crazy enough to be running. To my pleasant surprise,  it was actually nice to have the company.  Sometimes we ran together, sometimes we ran a few feet ahead or behind each other…but we were together.  United in our crazy commitment to run the distance set before us.  We might be bonkers, but hey, we were bonkers together.

It felt nice:)  In fact I felt like we were a couple of kids out running through the sprinklers.  I actually had a lot of fun on that 5 mile run in the rain this morning…made good time too ( trying to impress Super-Husband and all).

Ok, so maybe I’m not QUITE the isolated loner that I thought I was.  Maybe, just maybe, every once in a while, I can run in tandem…with just the right partner.  Live, run, and learn.


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