and another thing…

After I posted this morning I realized something…this running thing has quietly changed me.  Not in the obvious ways either.  Yes I am stronger, yes I can run farther, yes I am running ‘short runs’ now that used to be my longest run ever.  No, its even more subtle than that. In addition to my endurance scale, my entire motivational scale has shifted.

You see, just short months ago, I would have simply looked at the rainy day and gone back to bed.  It didn’t take much for me to cave about a work out…too cold, too wet, too tired, too lazy.  It was a quick and simple equation of don’t want to+ don’t feel like it = oh well, tomorrow’s another day.  It was quite common for me to skip a morning run, promising myself “I would run it a bit later”, only to reach the end of the day and imagine that…I just didn’t find the time to run after all. I was a habitual offender.

Today, it wasn’t just Super-Husband motivating me to get out there and run (although it certainly helped), it was little old me.  My legs were tired: run anyway.  I was tired: run anyway.  It was wet and actively raining!: run anyway.  I don’t want to: RUN ANYWAY.  OK.

This is a new me, and I’ll be honest, I like it.  We all do things every day that we don’t exactly feel like doing…work, school, housework…we do it because it is the right thing to do.  Actions and inaction have consequences.  Why did I let fitness slide because I was busy or didn’t feel like doing the work? When did feeling fit and exercising become any less important than the other ‘have to’s’ in my life?

I have a training schedule now. This new shift in my attitude, this is the difference between signing up for a race and  being able to finish one. Having concrete measurable consequences for running or skipping a run has kept me accountable to myself. This is the difference between truly caring about my fitness and health vs just giving it lip service.

I have a starting line and a finish line that are rolling ever closer.  The marathon doesn’t care about any weather or attitude or any number of excuses.  It is coming: run anyway.


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