Getting Gritty with it

I went for another 8.5 mile run last week.  I am trying to bump my mileage slowly, so with each increase, I will run it for two weeks before bumping up again.  This second week was harder than the first.  I had foot pain, my achilles were barking, everything just felt off. I limped around all day after my run.  And I felt whiny.  This should be easier by now.  So I backed off a bit on my weekend runs, ran the causeway as usual, but used intervals to try and trick my body into thinking it was getting a rest. I am terrified of getting injured this early in the training game with so many miles ahead.

It hit me that I have come up against a mini wall.  I remember training for my first half marathon.  This happened at several points.  I would be cruising along adding miles and actually kind of sort of looking forward to my weekly longer runs…and then my body would just try to quit on me.  The aches and pains would set in.  I would have to drag myself out of bed in the morning, dreading the very run that I looked forward to the week before.  Now that I think of it, it was around miles 6 and then again at mile 9 or 10 last time.  Lo and behold look at me…staring right at mile 9 this week and in the same boat.

I can do this.  I have before after all.  I have been here before in this petulant, whiny state, and gone on to run a half marathon.  This time however, it is not just the half, but the whole 26.2 miles looming in the distance that I have to digest.  The half marathon is no longer my big kahuna goal, but rather a halfway mile marker on my journey. On days like today, when my body protests at 8.5 that is a bit discouraging.

Then again, I can still remember when running a mile made me just as cranky and whiny as running 8. Time to tell myself to suck it up and start gritting out the miles until I get over this rough patch.  There will be days in the not too distant future when that 8, 9 or 10 mile run will be considered a short run, crazy as that sounds.

Time to pray and let God get me through, rest assured that he runs beside me every step of the way. Time to  tough it out and power on.  In spite of my mini wall, I am becoming stronger with each footfall.  I am becoming a new creation, and change is often painful.  Time to get gritty and run on.


3 thoughts on “Getting Gritty with it

  1. My long run after vacation was amazing! And I added a bit to it. I thought about your post, too. Thanks. Of course, I am sure the cooler temps helped, too!


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