First of all, I stayed up late.  I woke up late.  I did not set my alarm or Kiddo’s alarm. Kiddo usually is up 5 minutes before 6 AM EVERY day, always, no exceptions.  Um yeah, not today.  I bolted awake, fed the Kiddo, fed the pets, got Kiddo dressed and raced out the door.  Husband usually is my morning salvation as Husband usually gets Kiddo up and going. Husband was at work today so I was on call…Husband is obviously much better at this than I am!

Now that you know how my morning started, you can imagine that I was NOT bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to RUN!  I mentally gave myself a pep talk, saying I just had to do an easy 3 miles this morning, a light causeway run.

You know those times when you manage to crack yourself up…say something in your head, and then laugh out loud? Yeah, that was me…getting out of my car at the causeway, laughing like an idiot to no one in particular.  Crazy running lady…literally.

What made me crack up was the combination of ‘easy and 3 miles’, and ‘light causeway run.’ You see,  I still remember  when 3 miles may as well have been a marathon distance.  I also still remember walking the causeway and exclaiming to Husband about all those ‘crazy people running the causeway’.  Just walking the darned thing was exhausting, requiring a break at the top to catch my breath.

Now I am not saying this to brag or boast.  I’m just saying its incredible how your perspective can change when you push yourself, just a little at a time and don’t give up.  God whispers ‘go a little farther, do a little more’.  He whispers gently, quietly and its easy to miss when your body and self whine so much more loudly. “I’m tired, my feet hurt, I’m too busy,” usually win out…but when I don’t listen to myself and actually try, amazing things can happen.

Things that I used to consider insurmountable giants, are now relegated to routine, and I am tackling even bigger goals. Often you have no idea how far you’ve come, because you are so focused on that mountain( or marathon) in front of you.

It is blessed sometimes, to stop and look behind, to celebrate just how far God has taken you.  This applies in so much more than just running.  God nudges us ahead so gently that we never realize that our ‘new normal’ state of being is so much stronger, better, or evolved from where we had been.

For the record, My run this morning was neither easy nor light…I had to walk a few little bits, and it was tougher than I thought on tired legs.  I actually managed 4 miles, and it WAS easier than just a few weeks ago.  And hey, I got off that couch this morning, I listened.  As I paused at the top of the causeway and caught my breath and thanked God for pushing me…just a little each day…for running beside me every step of the way…and for nudging my lazy booty out the door this morning in spite of myself.


2 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Yep, its amazing looking back 3 years ago. My mantra was ” if I am running someone had better be chasing me with a knife, and it had better be a BIG knife” 3 years ago I would have laid down good hard cash in a bet that I would never run a mile lol. I love God’s sense of humor sometimes. I think its when he takes us so very far outside our comfort zones, that we can see that its totally His power getting us there.


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