Running on rubber legs

Yesterday I ran 8.5 miles ( yay me). This morning my legs were stiff and sore…grumpy even.  I also woke up with a very rumbly and hungry tummy…hangry even.  So ‘goodbye’ morning 3 mile run and ‘hello’ Bob Evans.  I told you I would be honest, and there you go…yep I ditched my run for the siren call of bacon, and eggs, and gravy, and coffee….

Well such indulgence has a cost, and that meant I would have to pay penance by running the dreaded treadmill that evening ( I despise the treadmill…it is torture to my short attention span).  To distract myself while running on a treadmill I have been known to listen to music, watch a closed captioned TV show AND read, all at the same time, just to keep me on the darned thing.

Well I will give myself an A for effort.  I managed a whole 3 miles in a blazingly fast time ( for me) of 30 minutes!!!!! The faster you run, the faster you’re done afterall!

Unfortunately I must award myself a big fat F for results.  I really did push it too fast on tired legs.  My calf muscles are screaming, my glutes are displeased, and my right ankle has sent a complaint letter to the planning committee.  I felt pretty strong while running, but my brain should have known better and taken it easy on my poor deluded legs.

To make myself feel better, I have consumed a delicious, gooey cheddar cheese bacon dog in hopes of appeasing my abused legs…My tummy was pleased anyway. We’ll see how walking goes tomorrow!


One thought on “Running on rubber legs

  1. Ab.So.Lutely *LOVE* these! You’ve got a gift love! I feel your pain! (Says the man sticking to the 5K’s… ok, and that one 10 miler… but only because you’re running too, and because I get a crown…)


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