God says “run”… You run…

Ok everyone, so most of you know I am running the Disney half marathon in November. I just finished 8 hard miles toward that end this morning and I fought for each mile. But, I did it! Farthest run since February!:)

Well about 3 weeks ago God whispered in my ear that may be, just maybe, I should run…….a MARATHON. I really didn’t care for that idea much and tried my best to just forget I ever heard that small voice. I am not a Runner…I am a runner ( very small ‘r’)….I don’t run to feel happy, or relaxed, or to get my head straight, or feel a greater purpose. I started running because training for the grand canyon hike at a walk was just too damn slow lol. I do not run well, I do not run fast, I do not run pretty. I work hard for every half mile. I run, I curse, I sweat, and then I go eat bacon. Running is one of the few things in life so far that I have sucked at but stuck with. So believe me when I tell you a marathon is NOT my idea.

Drum roll…………..
In May, I WILL be running the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. My goal is simply to finish, walking, crawling, or being dragged by the Holy Spirit

I was listening to the song ‘Thrive” by casting crowns last night…and it really hit home. And this morning I was running in the fog… I could only see 10 feet in front of me at a time..this is kind of like that, stepping out on faith without knowing where it will go…seeing things one footfall at a time and just trusting God will get me there.

I have signed up in the honest belief that I am not strong enough even remotely to do this on my own. God has asked me to run, and I will grow stronger in the 6 month journey to 26.1 miles. I have no idea what it is I will be learning in all those hours pounding the pavement. I can only guess that He has some things to chat with me about…its the best opportunity to get me to listen and pay attention after all.

I’m letting you all know to make it official and to hand myself some accountability…but most of all, to ask for prayer from my friends and family. Pray that I take the time to Listen, that I am able to train and not get injured, and that if at all possible, I have a bit of fun along the way.

Thanks for reading my ramble! Here’s to the journey ahead!


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